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Alarm Monitoring & Burglar Alarms


Alarm systems are both proactive and reactive elements of an

overall security program.


They are proactive by notifying criminals that your

property is being monitored. Thus, those criminals will

likely leave your property alone.


If there is a breach of security, an alarm system

becomes reactive. What happens at that point depends

on how you programmed the system. When you set up

your security monitoring system, you determine who will

be notified when the alarm is triggered. Businesses will

often set up a chain of command, so if one person cannot be

reached, someone else is available to respond to the alarm. Those calls

can go to your business, to another branch of your business, to your home or the homes of management, or to cell phones.


The level of response from the authorities will depend on the regulations of the municipality your property is in.


Alarm Systems Also Used to Monitor HVAC, Water System, Other Facility Problems

Alarm systems are not only intended to ward off criminals and notify breaches of security. They can also notify you of other problems in your facility, such as HVAC problems, water problems, or other weather-related occurrences.


Bonafide Security Solutions has a full range of alarm systems and components from major manufactures such as Honeywell, DSC, Sentrol and many others that can be custom tailored to meet any of your security needs, be it for one building, a complex of buildings, or buildings in diverse locations.


As with all of our products, Bonafide Security Solutions provides highly experienced, professional installation and service of alarm systems.


Alarm System

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